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Why Consider SNI? 
To enhance your nursing career! The company name is SNI's calling card. SNI has been providing Professional Nursing Excellence for 28 years. Nurses are proud to include SNI on their resume because they know they will be respected as the best in clinical practice. That is what differentiates us from the other agencies. We only recruit and place highly "Skilled" nurses. Because our nurse base consists of independent contractors rather than employees, each individual's performance is carefully scrutinized and continuously assessed. Currently 67% of our contractors are critical care nurses and most of them have between eleven and twenty years of experience. Because of their experience level, SNI nurse contractors have been frequently empowered to mentor new graduates and less experienced nurses in some of our client facilities. To become an SNI nurse, you must possess a minimum of two years current clinical experience, have successfully completed our cultural literacy, clinical competency, medication and safety exam, and demonstrate proficiency in the appropriate area of expertise. Any special requirement the client has, such as drug screening, is also a pre-condition to contracting through SNI.
SNI nurses frequently work in highly specialized areas where knowledge and experience are vital to maintaining patient safety. Our nurses are consistently selected over other companies to fill some of the most demanding assignments available. In addition, SNI brokers Nurse Practitioners (CRNPs) who may work in Pre-Admission Testing, participate in Clinical Research Trials or many other areas requiring an advanced practice degree. We have nurses assigned to the following areas:
All Critical Care Areas Ambulance Services Clinical Research
Emergency Room Hospice Maternal/Child – NICU
Medical/Surgical MH/MR Prison Health Services
Psychiatric Nursing Rehab Nursing/Private Duty School Nurse
Telemetry Home Care Nurse informatics
Local Travel Block Scheduling: If you like consistent assignments, you can work 13 or 26 week blocks. Clients frequently wish to block a series of repetitive shifts for pre-determined time frames. For example, if a client is opening a new unit and foresees staffing crunches for several months, blocked time with SNI local travel nurse contractors assures nursing coverage while they are recruiting permanent staff. Typical block assignments range from 3-6 months, and both parties must agree to pre-arranged details.
Flex-Scheduling: If you prefer to work as few as one or two shifts per month, we understand. Nurses have busy lives, and we foster the flexibility and scheduling you need. We even offer 'mommy/daddy' hours and short four-hour shifts that are available in some facilities. If your availability varies from one month to the next, this option offers the greatest flexibility. There are no minimum shift requirements, however this option can still provide consistency to meet your professional needs. The flexible hours SNI offers can be just right for the nurse returning to school, the busy parent, or nurses looking to work in a variety of facilities to gain an array of experiences without committing to hospital employment.
How to Join Us
SNI's Nurse Recruitment staff is enthusiastic about discussing Independent Contractor options with you. To initiate an application, you can call us at the number below or use the on-line website application. If you would like to expedite the process, you can email your confidential resume to or fax it to 215-773-8062, attention: Nurse Recruiter. We will hold this in the strictest confidence.

To schedule a visit with an SNI Nurse Recruiter, you can either visit our office or ask to meet somewhere convenient for you. If it makes a difference and you want to speak directly to Marty Minniti, R.N., B.S. Founder, her direct phone number is 267-532-1601.

We look forward to helping you achieve your personal aspirations through Nursing excellence.

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