SNI Re-Certified


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1. Skilled Nursing, Inc. ® Earns Joint Commission Re-Certification
Skilled Nursing, Inc.® met the Joint Commission’s national standards addressing how staffing firms determine the qualifications and competency of their staff, how they place their staff and then monitor staff's performance.
2. Skilled Nursing, Inc. Staffing and Search© ENHANCE NURSING LEADERSHIP

Since 1980, SNI has taken an aggressive, leading, and often controversial edge in assuring registered nurses and hospitals have options to meet their needs.

3. Nurse Report Cards, are they coming?
The answer is Yes! Hospitals, physicians, and many hospital units have individual report cards tracking customer service, infection rates, falls, med errors, and other types of incidents. There are also plenty of procedure report cards (PH4 data just released last week) comparing major Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG's) on a cost and quality basis across the state and nation. 
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