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Vision to Tradition
On March 5, 1980, Martha Jean (Marty) Minniti, a 28 year old critical care nurse and first year medical student, frustrated by the limitations of conventional healthcare delivery, envisioned doing something with her career that made a meaningful difference. In the process, she pioneered a small innovative business named Skilled Nursing, Inc. ® (SNI) from her home contracting Independent Nurse Contractors to local hospitals. In doing so, Marty discovered that she could affect positive change and empower the voice of nursing by doing more than what the conventions of the time considered possible.

From the very beginning, Marty's vision was to foster the growth of entrepreneurial nurses who believed in their professional ability to enhance the way patient care was delivered. Twenty-five years later, her vision transformed into tradition, scores of nurses proudly include SNI on their resumes and Marty continues to lead SNI to new horizons. When asked about her experience, Marty states: "Over the course of SNI's 25 years dramatic changes have occurred in healthcare, but never once did the industry pressures to cutback ever cause SNI to abandon its vision for Nurses to control their own destiny". Under Marty's leadership, SNI continues to evolve, adapt and enhance its core service, Nursing; and Marty remains committed to helping Nurses control their destinies by pinpointing niches which best fulfill their professional aspirations.
Developed from the concept that many Nurses prefer to be brokered (rather than employed) SNI pioneered Independent Nurse Contracting. The principle philosophy of SNI is to form and broker partnerships based upon the expectation that in all cases, exceptional outcomes will be delivered by the Nurses contracted through SNI.

This philosophy originated in 1980 and since then, Skilled Nursing, Inc. ® has been building an enviable reputation for integrity and service with both Nurses and clients. And although SNI Nurses routinely work in separate locations to fill distinctly different assignments, they all share a mutual philosophy to provide their uncompromising expertise to the patients and family members who are entrusted to their care. In this spirit, SNI has actively forged strategic partnerships within the tri-state healthcare community during the past 28 years that have been consistently mutually beneficial, thus illuminating the company tag line, "Partners in Healing".
SNI's core business is to broker Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners to a variety of health care clients to meet temporary fluctuations in staffing needs and other extended assignments such as Clinical Research Trials.

Our goal is to be the preferred provider of contract nursing in the tri-state area. To achieve this goal, SNI must continue to nurture whatever changes enable SNI to fulfill its mission, materialize the vision, and consistently exceed business expectations. Precisely, SNI intends to provide dedicated, competent, dependable Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners to its clients and foster relationships between all parties that make working together a positive experience.

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