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Nurses Week

Skilled Nursing, Inc. celebrates National Nurses Week 2015

Announcing the 2015 SNI Nurse of the Year…

Charlotte DeShield-Castillon, RN

Charlotte started her nursing career in 1997 after graduating from the Methodist Hospital School of Nursing but the interesting  part is that Charlotte started as a Biology Pre-Med Major then switched to Pre-Nursing.

We are very happy she made that decision to follow Nursing as we do believe she is right where she was meant to be.  

Once Charlotte decided to join SNI back in 2006 she took on just about every opportunity that came her way.

She was not shy to try something new or take on a huge project and we were not worried about her handling anything because she has always provided top notch service to each client and has won praise from everyone she has worked with and under.

Charlotte has worked for many clients and each of those opportunities trained her in another clinical or non-clinical area including Clinical research, Occ. Health, PACU, CDU, Mental health, Work Flow Analysis, EHR Implementation and Care Coordination!  

Charlotte is an outstanding representative for Nursing and SNI and we are proud to call her the Nurse of the Year!!!


Nurses Week 2014  

Every day, nurses step forward embracing new technologies, resolving emerging issues, and accepting ever-changing roles in their profession. They lead the way for their patients, colleagues, organizations, and the health care industry as a whole.

Join Skilled Nursing, Inc. in celebrating nurses during National Nurses Week, May 6-12, 2014.

SNI has chosen its Nurse of the Year for 2014!

Elizabeth (Betsy) Waldo-Grove, RN

Betsy first became an EMT in 1986 and soon after enrolled in the Nursing program at Montgomery County Community College. Her Clinical background includes Critical Care and Emergency Room at hospitals such as Warminster, Nazareth, Frankford and Burdette Tomlin in NJ.

Everyone here at SNI has had a pleasant experience working with Betsy and her reviews from clients always top the charts! In the last few years she has covered shifts doing Flu vaccines, Surgical centers, Emergency Transport, Occupational health and Home Infusion! She was even booked 6 months ahead for a flu clinic with a client that said they wanted nobody other than Betsy!

She is well rounded, well liked and well respected and we are proud to call her the SNI 2014 Nurse of the Year!





Nurses Week 2013

Celebrating National

Nurses Week 2013

May 6th, 2013 - May 12th, 2013

SNI would like to wish our Nurse colleagues a very
Happy Nurses Week 2013

This year's theme is Delivering Quality and Innovation in Patient Care and what a year so far!

SNI Nurses and NP's honor this theme every day by working through the continuum and within our Transitional Care programs. These programs assist in reducing hospital readmissions and improve patient outcomes!

One of our proudest moments during Nurses week is the selection and announcement of our Nurse of the Year winner and this year is no exception.

The 2013 Nurse of the Year Winner is...
Deanna Williams  

Deanna graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Montgomery County Community College and went on to earn her BSN from Immaculata University. She is currently working on her Masters and is a member of the Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society.

Throughout her education she has been honored for her Dean's list accomplishments and her Excellent Academic achievements. She has also served as an Executive Research Nurse & Board of Director for the Community Enrichment Fitness Network.

Right out of the nursing gate Deanna dug into her career as a supervisor in long term care then took over as shift director in a major psychiatric hospital. Deanna moved into home care in 2008 and also worked as a Nurse Navigator.
Deanna has immersed herself into her latest home care role and has left a lasting impression on every patient she cares for with her kind spirit and welcoming presence.

We are very proud to represent some of the best and brightest nurses in the industry and we look forward to your continued support of our Nurses throughout the year.

Congratulations Deanna!

The Management and Staff of SNI



Nurses Week 2012

Celebrating National

Nurses Week 2012

May 6th, 2012 - May 12th, 2012

National Nurses week is always a time to remember our origins, history and contributions no matter what roles we play in nursing, our families or our communities.

SNI Nurse Contractors in 1980 and today have many of the same characteristics, qualities and values as the first Contractors and their strong knowledge, skills, values and convictions remain today.  By and large SNI nurses are experts in their work.  This standard of performance is acknowledged by clients and patients through the many acknowledgements we receive, i.e.: “It’s a pleasure to work with____, she is so dependable and professional”; “When ____ is scheduled I know the shift will go well they have strong skills and great customer service”; “We love when ____ is here”; “I wish I could hire____ but they love being an IC”; “______ is just one of the best professionals we have had in ages”; “I want to let you know your company and the RNs and NPs you have brought us are just top of the line, they know their stuff, go about their work without a lot of fuss, when there is an issue they know how to use the chain of command and present professionally, they have helped our team to improve without chaos”; “We know this job is hard but ____ does the job every time without fuss the doctors and nurse managers have requested ___ to come back as much as possible, what a joy”; “My father was saved because of the nurses you sent_____”; “My father was assigned SNI nurses after a long and arduous course of issues.  One by one the nurses problem solved, advocated and gave great care and hope to my dad and our family. There was a notable difference in the level of expertise our dad benefited from because of your organization and we let the nursing department know they made a good choice in contracting with you and the nurses”!

Collectively, we produce opportunities for more nurses and nurse practitioners across care settings and we continue to provide options for nurses who enjoy and understand the benefits of independent contracting. As your broker and agent we do our best to add credibility with you and the health care organizations we serve.

In honor of Nurses Week 2012, SNI has selected two distinguished nurses amongst our contractors who follow a long list of nurses who have been chosen by clients and peers as leaders and set examples of quality in practice, advocacy and caring.

The 2012 SNI Nurse of the Year Winner is...

Amy Snyder

And Honorable Mention goes to…

Rick Kaiser

Congratulation to these two nurses and to all SNI nurses...Thank you for your pioneering spirit, professional service, leadership and caring... Have a great week and remember what you do does make a difference…a significant difference.


Nurses Week 2011



Nurses- Trusted to Care…

What a great theme for 2011! Throughout our 31 years in health care staffing, we are very proud to have been affiliated with hundreds of nurses that live this ‘theme’ every day. Because of the values and ethics that Nurses follow, we are surely trusted by our patients and their families to not only provide exceptional care but to also provide a safe and secure environment to heal within. Trust is key in our daily jobs as healthcare professionals.

In choosing our Nurse of the Year and Honorable Mention winners for 2011, we considered this theme as part of our decision criteria. With the level of clinical and professional excellence we witness year after year it gets more and more difficult to select just two people.

SNI is proud to announce that the winner of our 2011 Nurse of the Year Award is…

Sharon Siles, RN, BSN

And the SNI Honorable Mention for Nurse of the Year 2011 is...

Clearist Bethea, RN, MSN

On behalf of the Management and Staff of SNI and our clients we send out our congratulations to both Sharon and Clearist on their many accomplishments and accolades received thus far.




2010 Nurses Week

Happy National Nurses Week 2010

May 6th marked the beginning of the annual 7 day homage to Nurses and we here at SNI are extremely proud to honor those who serve in this fine, brave profession and are even prouder to be here 30 years later, since the start of SNI, to pay tribute and say Thank you for a job WELL DONE!

2010 Nurses Week Winner is

Rosalind Abara

Rosalind (Ros) has worked as a Nurse Independent Contractor through SNI since 2002 and throughout the years has consistently played a key role in providing exemplery care to her patients and has received numerous accolades from SNI clients. Ros is a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner and has earned her PhD in Public Health from Temple University. Rosalind started her career in Nigeria where she also practiced as a Certified Nurse Mid-Wife before coming to the US and earning her BS in Healthcare Administration from Philadelphia University, her BSN from Regent College in NY and her MSN from Temple University. As you can see Rosalind has dedicated her life to education and patient care and that is just one of the reasons why Rosalind Abara has earned Nurse of the Year 2010 from SNI.

SNI would like to announce that our 2010 NURSE OF THE YEAR 1st Place Runner-Up is...

John Cartin

John started his contractor career with SNI in 2007 when we put out an urgent call for home care nurses to work in Philadelphia. This was a new client for SNI and all the contract details were literally being worked out as we were interviewing and processing paperwork with John. It was a harried start to say the least but John kept his wits about himself and persavered through the bumps of a client startup and remains working with that client through today. He has provided exemplery home nursing care to his patients and has always been flexible and able to jump in if other areas fell short. John started as a Nursing Assistant at Frankford Hospital beginning his RN career in 1998 at the same hospital. He worked fulltime in Ortho, Med/Surg and the Surgical unit while working fulltime at a family greenhouse business and then eventually transitioned into Home care and Long Term care, wanting to learn many aspects of Nursing and expand his career choices. John is a big reasons why our home care client remains a customer of SNI today and every day John continues to change the lives of his patients through proper care, teaching and management

Both Rosalind and John will be presented with Awards and we will post photos on our website.

Congratulations to our Winners and all those that continue Caring throughout the year!

JCAHO Certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner